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If you do not have access to the Internet you may be able to rely on publicly available resources to access USAJOBS. In most communities, Career One Stop centers and Public Libraries provide Internet access free of charge. You may be required to register before using these facilities, depending on the policy of the library or One Stop center you’re visiting. You may also need to reserve computer time in advance and observe any time limits imposed by the facility providing access. Other resources may be available in your community. Check the blue pages in your local telephone book for more information.

Information on Career One Stop centers in your area may be found at

Information on Public Libraries in your area may be found at

Once you click on one of the links above, you’ll be opening a resource window at a non-IRS owned website created, operated and maintained by another organization. That means the information they collect and maintain as a result of your visit may differ from the information we collect and maintain. (Review the IRS privacy and security notice.)

If you have any concerns about your privacy or security during your visit, please review the site’s information collection policy, its terms and conditions. The IRS does not endorse any of the site’s other products, services or privacy or security policies.

This page was last updated on January 23, 2012.

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