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Og Modino once said “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” Every day I live by this quote as perseverance and determination are two key factors to success. No matter what, one must never give up in their pursuit to find what they truly want in life. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. Before entering college, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I knew I wanted to major in Business, but I had no idea what field I wished to take up at the time. As I always enjoyed working with numbers, I decided to study Accountancy. That’s how it was my freshman-sophomore years of college. However, I realized that Accounting wasn’t for me. Over time, the work became increasingly dull and I found myself bored of the course. Leading up to summer break of my sophomore year, I applied for internships under the SYEP program. Upon my search, a member of the IRS STARS Team reached out to me to intern with them instead. Naturally, I accepted their offer. From sophomore year onwards, I interned in the IRS in two different business areas (LB&I, and HCO). At this point in my life, I was still confused as to what it was that I really wanted to do in my career path. However, from my junior year onwards, I decided to study Human Resources. Shifting out of Accountancy was quite a relief, as I began learning the background of Human Resources. I slowly found myself delving deeper into the subject, and absorbed into it. Once I graduated from Penn State University with a major in Business and a concentration in Human Resources, I finally realized that working in HR was the right fit for me. Things like drafting job applications, assisting in recruitment data, advising employees and management on internal issues, and coordinating meetings were a lot more enriching for me than sitting at a desk with a calculator In my final internship after graduating, I got the opportunity to intern with IRS Chief Counsel in their EEO branch, alongside their Payroll and Processing Branch. I really enjoyed working with both divisions as they kept me occupied, and taught me not just the little details but everything I needed to know if I truly wanted to do HR. Just two weeks before the internship ended, my dream turned into reality. With the help of a colleague in the Payroll & Processing branch, I was offered a permanent position as an HR Assistant in their office. Words couldn’t describe enough of how excited and blessed I was to be working with IRS Chief Counsel. It was more than just a dream come true. Throughout this whole experience, I’ve learned that everything changes with strong determination and commitment to a goal. And I’ve accomplished that through this whole process. If I could encourage any student to apply for a job at IRS, I would tell them that if you determination by your side, you can achieve almost anything what you have desired to be.

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