The IRS is in need of your top talent and we’re prepared to pay you top dollar for it. So we’ll do whatever we can to bring you on board and keep you with us. That includes ensuring you get the highest possibly salary you qualify for. Here’s how:

  • We’ll match your education and experience to the “General Schedule” — the federal pay system.
  • The General Schedule includes 15 “grades,” from GS-1 up to GS-15. Each grade is made up of “steps,” from step 1 to step 10, which provide a pay increase within the grade.
  • As a college grad with a bachelor’s degree but no work experience, you could qualify for GS-05; if you meet our superior academic achievement criteria, you may qualify at the GS-07 level. And, if you’ve earned a master’s degree, you may qualify for GS-09.
  • Your work location will determine any additional “locality pay” for your geographic area. This amount ranges from 7% to 15%, and is paid in addition to your basic pay.

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