When you need, it, you can look forward to enjoying your Annual Leave (vacation), or taking Sick Leave when you or a family member need to focus on health issues. But we also give you time to take care of other life events through:

  • Family and Medical Leave: Take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for the birth of your child, if you adopt a child, or if you need to care for a seriously ill immediate family member.
  • Court Leave: You’ll be free to fulfill your civic obligation of jury duty or to perform as a witness in a court proceeding where one of the parties is a government entity.
  • Organ and Bone Marrow Donation: You’ll receive up to 30 days paid leave, in addition to your Annual and Sick Leave, if you donate an organ — or 7 days paid leave if you make a bone marrow donation.
  • Blood Donation: You may take up to 4 hours of paid leave off to donate blood, in addition to your Annual and Sick Leave.
  • Voting: When the voting polls are not open at least three hours before and/or after your regular work hours, you may take some time off to vote, in addition to your Annual and Sick Leave.

Plus, see what days you get off, just for being a federal employee.

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