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Appointments of Individuals with Disabilities

Among the highest priorities of the IRS workforce recruitment strategy is building a workforce that is highly skilled, diverse and inclusive. In order to achieve this, we use the Schedule A Excepted Service Appointing Authority. This authority allows for appointments for positions that are specifically excepted from the competitive service by law, the President, or the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

People with disabilities, veterans, and students are eligible to participate in the Schedule A Excepted Service Appointment Authority. This appointing authority enables our teams to expedite the hiring process. In turn, we are better able to maintain a workforce that is highly skilled, and diverse. Our strength is in our diversity which allows for unique approaches to problem-solving, perspectives and experiences. If you have a desire to works as a civil servant in an exciting career with competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and opportunities for career advancement. We would like to hear from you!

Please review this page to find information to any questions you may have related to the Excepted Service Appointing Authority.


What is the Excepted Service Appointment Authority?

Excepted service appointing authorities are critical tools for increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the Federal Government. Federal Government civilian positions are traditionally acquired through a merit based competitive civil service hiring process. This means that an applicant will have to compete against other applicants to ultimately be chosen for the desired position. 

The Excepted Service Appointment Authority is a streamline hiring process that allows applicants satisfying all Federal requirements to be exempted from the traditional competitive hiring process and placed into an appointed hiring status.

There are four classifications identified as “schedules” established under the Excepted Service Appointing Authority. The schedule(s) are simply titled by letter A, B, C, D. This page will focus specifically upon Schedule A (5 C.F.R. 213.3102(u)) hiring authority for people with disabilities.  


What is Schedule A?

Schedule A (5 C.F.R. 213.3102(u)) is an Excepted Service Appointing Authority for Federal agencies to tap into a diverse talent pool of people with disabilities without going through the (often-lengthy) traditional hiring process. Eligible applicants must be a person with severe physical, psychiatric, or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, or intellectual disability, psychiatric disorders, muscular or neurological disorders. Other less obvious disabilities are also subject to eligibility such as lupus, AIDS, diabetes, or heart disease. Other groups that may apply using the Schedule A appointment authority are disabled veterans with a 30% or more rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense. As well as, select disabled veterans recently discharged with an honorable or general discharge may be hired through the Veteran Rehabilitation Act (VRA) appointment authority. The probationary period for a Schedule A appointment is two (2) years.


As a person with a disability, do I have to apply only as a Schedule A applicant?

No, how you apply is completely up to you. Schedule A applicants may apply for a vacancy in the following ways:

  1. Choose to use the Excepted Service Special Appointing Authority Pathway.
    1. The probationary period is two (2) years
  2. Choose to not use the Excepted Service Special Appointing Authority and apply competitively
    1. Applicants may not convert to Schedule A status during or after this process
    2. Applicants are competing amongst other applicants through this process
    3. Probationary period is one (1) year.
  3. Apply to a vacancy using both competitively and using Excepted Service Special Appointing Authority. Though a candidate applies using both pathways, whatever pathway is started must be continued throughout the hiring process and not change. Candidates with disabilities using the traditional hiring method are entitled to accommodations necessary for their interviews and working accommodations upon their request.


What are the benefits for the Hiring Manager Hiring a Schedule A?

  • Provides the manager with a highly skilled, motivated employee who can be converted, without competition, to a permanent position in the competitive civil service after completing 2 years on the job and demonstrating satisfactory performance (with or without accommodation).
  • It can also be a fast track way for managers to bring in talented individuals with disabilities. Individuals may be appointed under these authorities without public notice.
  • Ensures that the opportunities for Government service are open to everyone.

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Who can use Schedule A? 

Applicants choosing to apply for Federal appointments though the Schedule A process must provide proof of eligibility under 5 C.F.R. 213.3102(u)

  • Proof of Disability: An individual wishing to be hired under this Schedule A (5 C.F.R. 213.3102(u)) authority must provide proof of being an individual with an intellectual disability, severe physical disability, or psychiatric disability. This proof must be provided to the hiring agency before an individual can be hired. This proof may be in the form of documentation obtained from licensed medical professionals, state or private vocational rehabilitation specialists, or any Government agency that issues or provides disability benefits. 


The IRS Schedule A Repository

Strategic Talent Analytics & Recruitment Solutions (STARS) facilitates non-competitive placements by maintaining a Schedule A repository. If you would like to be added to the repository and considered for non-competitive placement, please email the following information.

  1. Your Resume
  2. Schedule A letter
    1. Please note that Schedule A letters submitted to our office shall not include specific personal medical information. Letters containing such information will be rejected from the IRS Schedule A repository. Applicants will be contacted and requested to resubmit their letter in the appropriate format. Please review the sample Schedule A letter as a reference to what your schedule A letter should look like.
  3. SF-256 
  4. The states you are willing to accept an appointment
  5. Career field choice (Human Resources, Information Technology etc.)

Upon receipt, the information will be uploaded to the repository and you will be sent a confirmation. As managers request Schedule A candidates, The Strategic Talent Analytics & Recruitment Solutions (STARS) office will provide them with qualified applicants from the repository. At their discretion, hiring managers may then contact selected candidates for an interview.


After being placed in the Schedule A Repository, will STARS find me a job?

No. Unfortunately, our office can not apply to vacancies on behalf of an Excepted Service job seeker(s) to vacancy announcements. Applicants, regardless of status, must independently apply to vacancies through the USAJOBS platform. Within USAJOBS each vacancy is labeled with a unique hiring path so applicants may determine positions that are applicable to their status. Please view the content here to best explain hiring pathways.

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