At the Office of Chief Counsel, you will find a commitment to provide a balance to your work and personal life...and the ability to offer many benefits that are every bit as competitive as those available at leading private sector firms.

In fact, more often than not, our benefits exceed private sector offerings.

Salary at Entry Level

Appointments under the Honors Program are made at a GS 11, Step 8 for J.D. applicants and a GS 12, Step 4 for LL.M. applicants.

Promotion Policy

If you are appointed at the GS 11 or GS 12 level, you are eligible for promotion to the next higher grade annually. GS 15 positions and above are usually reserved for supervisors and non-supervisory management officials. Candidates are selected for promotion by a board of senior executives and compete with other candidates for these positions.

Locality Pay

Your locality pay will be reviewed and adjusted regularly, based on local labor market conditions.

Awards Program

The Office of Chief Counsel has a generous awards program, offering you the ability to receive cash awards for superior performance or special achievements.

Annual and Sick Leave

You will start out earning four hours of annual leave and four hours of sick leave every two weeks. After three years, you will earn six hours of annual leave every two weeks. After 15 years, you will earn eight hours of annual leave every two weeks.

Leave Program

The government-wide leave program allows you to voluntarily donate your annual leave to Federal employees, and to request the use of donated leave if you face a personal medical emergency.

Holiday Leave

There are ten paid holidays annually. The President of the United States may also declare other holidays in recognition of special events.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

This leave for attorneys with growing families is generally approved for periods between four and six months. You may use a combination of sick leave, annual leave, and leave without pay for your maternity or paternity needs.

Flexible Work Schedules

You may be able to take advantage of flexible or compressed work schedules. You may also elect to earn credit hours. Once earned, you can use your credit hours to be absent from work for short periods of time for personal reasons. On a pre-approved basis, you may be able to work on special projects from home or at an alternate worksite under the Flexiplace program.

Retirement Plan

The Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS) provides you with a basic government pension, social security coverage, and a thrift savings plan which is similar to a private sector 401(k) plan.

Insurance Plans

You can choose from a variety of health insurance plans, and the government pays a substantial portion of the cost. Group-term life insurance and long-term care insurance plans are also available to you.

Transportation Subsidy

The Office of Chief Counsel will help pay for your public transportation commuting costs. Since 2002, those who commute via public transportation are eligible to receive a subsidy.

Quality of Life

Work is a major part of your life, but you have other interests and responsibilities as well. For your convenience, several offices throughout the country offer you available credit unions, daycare facilities, fitness centers, and onsite healthcare facilities.

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