IRS Chief Counsel is a great choice for your future, whether you are just starting out or building on your proven success.

  • Wide Range of Practice Areas - You may provide advice and legal counsel addressing currency and money laundering crimes or draft published guidance on virtual currency. Explore the work of various divisions within our organization and find those that best match your interests.
  • Immediate Responsibility & Impact – You will have the ability to become involved in litigation and key casework very early in your career in field offices all around the country — even for those joining us directly from law school.  You will gain unparalleled legal experience in our nation’s capital, often involving projects resulting in fundamental changes to tax law through regulations, rulings, and legislation.
  • Offices Nationwide – We have job locations in 48 cities across the country.
  • Collegial Environment – Here, attorneys cooperate with each other to implement our mission of impartial application of the tax laws and fair resolution of cases.  Whether it is defending the government’s position in court, drafting published guidance, or advising the client you will find this is an environment where your voice can and will make a difference.
  • Work-Life Balance – Federal work is both challenging and rewarding.  Along with a competitive salary, we offer an array of benefits that support employees including flexible work options and generous leave programs.
  • Competitive Compensation – Attorneys are compensated under the General Schedule (GS) for federal employees. Federal salaries vary by geographic location and attorneys assigned to high cost of living areas receive a percentage of their base pay as "locality pay." The Office of Personnel Management publishes annual GS Salary Tables that list base and locality pay for the various geographic areas.  Salary ranges for attorneys differ from the GS salary for each location and are graded based on experience and level of responsibility.


The mission of the Office of Chief Counsel is to provide effective legal advice to the IRS and to serve taxpayers fairly and with integrity. Fundamental to our mission is the obligation to honor the diversity of our workforce and ensure the treatment of all employees with respect and dignity. This office fully understands and supports the value of diversity in improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness and will continue to promote a climate of fairness within the Agency that capitalizes on the cultural, professional, and personal diversity of our workforce.

Counsel employees and job applicants are protected by federal laws, Presidential Executive Orders, and policies banning discrimination on the bases of race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 years of age or over), disability (physical or mental), family medical history or genetic information, and retaliation for engaging in the EEO process. The Office of Chief Counsel also prohibits discrimination based on political affiliation, parental status, marital status, military service, or any other non-merit based factors.  The prohibition against discrimination applies to all aspects of employment including promotions, evaluations, transfers, assignments, training, benefits, separations, and reasonable accommodations.  All personnel decisions are to be based solely on legitimate business needs and considerations.

Counsel fully supports Treasury's prohibition against discrimination in our policies, programs, and operations, and affirms a zero-tolerance standard for all types of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, in the workplace.  You should immediately report allegations of discrimination or harassment to an EEO official or manager/supervisor. The EEO Office will promptly and fairly address any allegations or concerns.  To pursue a claim of discrimination, you must contact an EEO counselor within 45 calendar days of the alleged discriminatory event.  Employees may report allegations of discrimination or harassment to the EEO Office by calling 202-317-6858.

It is incumbent upon every Counsel employee to promote a workforce that is welcoming and inclusive for everyone through our actions, interactions with others, and work to support EEO laws and policies.  Thank you for your professional contribution to Counsel’s workforce, our client and America’s taxpayers. 

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