Alternative Schedules/Leave

Alternative Work Schedules

Typically, you will be given several choices to consider for your work schedule.

  • "Flexitour" means you work an 8-hour day that allows you to set your own start and end times for the workday (within a range of hours). You may also accumulate up to 24 "credit" hours (above the 8 regular hours per day) which you can use to take time off without using your annual leave time.

Two "compressed work schedules" are available in most locations:

  • The 4/10 option lets you work four 10-hour days per week and receive two days off per pay period (the pay period is 2 weeks).
  • Under the 5/4/9 option, you work eight 9-hour days and one 8-hour day, with one day off per pay period (the pay period is 2 weeks).

This benefit is only available in some offices, after completing 1 year of training.

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