Reasonable Accommodation

Enabling Employee Excellence

The IRS makes reasonable accommodations for all qualified applicants or employees with physical or mental disabilities in accordance with law. Our executives, managers, and supervisors are committed to creating a positive work environment that encourages employees with disabilities to maximize and reach their full potential.

Adaptive Technology

Paving the Way to Accessible Information Technology

Sections 501 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 require Federal Agencies to provide qualified individuals with disabilities opportunities for employment, advancement, reasonable accommodation and access to Federally assisted/funded programs.

At the IRS, we are committed to ensuring that our employees with disabilities have the adaptive technology necessary to do their jobs effectively, as well as equal access to electronic and information systems (EIT). Section 508 of the amended Rehab Act requires EIT systems developed, maintained, used or procured by the Federal Government be accessible to people with disabilities. The provisions of Section 508 apply to a broad range of EIT, from computer hardware and software to such office equipment as fax and copy machines.

Information Resources Accessibility Program, IRAP The IRS, through our Information Resources Accessibility Program (IRAP) office, provides Section 508 guidance, consultation and technical assistance to IRS Project Offices on the development and implementation of accessibility solutions. IRAP also provides an extensive selection of adaptive technology for employees with visual, hearing, mobility and learning disabilities. Accommodations include :

  • Blind/Low Vision
    • Speech and Braille output systems
    • Braille translation software
    • Braille printers
    • Scanner/reader systems
    • Screen magnification software
    • Large monitors
    • Print magnification systems (including portable models)
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing
    • Teletypewriters (TTYs)
    • Telephone handset amplifiers
    • Amplifying headsets
    • Visual signaling devices
  • Mobility Impairments
    • Alternative/ergonomic keyboards
    • Speech recognition software
    • Adaptive mouse products
  • Learning Disabilities
    • Scanner/reader system

Click here to learn more about Section 508 and adaptive technology as they relate to today's federal workplace.

Procedures Guide

Our procedure guide can be downloaded as a series of Adobe® PDF files. We suggest that you save the files to your computer and open them directly with Adobe Acrobat® Reader®. You must have Adobe Reader to view Adobe PDF files. If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed, please click here to download.

Download September 2007 Procedures Guide (241KB PDF*)
Download Appendix A: Reasonable Accommodation Request (572KB PDF*)
Download Appendix B: IRS Reasonable Accommodation Resources (24KB PDF*)
Download Appendix C: External Reasonable Accommodation Resources (18KB PDF*)
Download Appendix D: Authorization for Disclosure of Information FOH Medical Release (49KB PDF*)

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