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Today's Internal Revenue Service

We may just surprise you because we’re more than just the nation’s tax collection agency. We’re an organization that has been part of events that have helped shape the nation we serve. And, though our history can show you where we’ve been, we’re always focused on the future. So if you’d like to make a change in your career, one that comes with a worthwhile mission where you can put your experience to use, gain valuable new skills and enjoy exceptional career prospects, you’ve come to the right place.


Make a Career Change for the Better

We think it’s important to be part of a proactive organization that lets you apply your talents to real-world challenges, provides you with the training you need to excel — and does it all in service to the country you love. That’s exactly what you'll find here at the Internal Revenue Service.

As part of the IRS workforce, your efforts will help make America stronger as we continue to support the nation’s most vital programs, from Homeland Security to America’s defense, to Social Security — as well as programs and projects that are a bit closer to home, like parklands and forests, roads and bridges, libraries, museums, schools, and more.

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What is your field of academic study?
Computer Science/IT & Engineering
Which of the following would your ideal job include?
Creating technology applications or tools
Managing specific projects or clients
Working with numbers
Working in a team environment
A dynamic environment with no set day-to-day schedule
Are you seeking a position that involves travel?
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I'm willing to travel more than 50% of the time
In what area of the IRS would you see yourself in five years?
Law Enforcement
Information & Technology
Internal Support Role
Would you prefer to work internally at the IRS or externally with taxpayers?
Your talents, skills and experience could be a good fit for a future as an Internal Revenue Agent, Series 0512, Grade 5/7/9

An independent and proactive decision-maker, you will conduct field examinations of individual taxpayers and small businesses to determine liability. You will use the latest in computers, telecommunications and data management systems, and apply your knowledge of Internal Revenue Code, rulings, court decisions, agency policies, regulations and more.

More information about Internal Revenue Agents
Your talents, skills and experience could be a good fit for a future as an Individual Taxpayer Advisory Specialist, Series 0501, Grade 5/7/9

A professional, courteous and effective communicator, you’ll work directly with taxpayers to advise and resolve collection issues – from researching complex tax law to providing basic instruction on filing requirements and extensions – to help them fulfill their Federal Tax obligations. You will conduct interviews and review records to gain an understanding of each taxpayer’s financial status, facilitate resolutions and educate them on the consequences of various courses of action.

More information about Individual Taxpayer Advisory Specialists
Your talents, skills and experience could be a good fit for a future as an Information Technology Specialist (multiple specialties) Series 2210, Grade 5/7/9

Your strong knowledge and skill in applying IT principles, methods and practices will allow you to excel in this position. You’ll be responsible for assignments, defined by your supervisor, dealing with immediate local issues or support on larger issues – from troubleshooting network issues to testing and debugging programs according to detailed requirements.

More information about Information Technology Specialists
Your talents, skills and experience could be a good fit for a future as a Tax Compliance Officer, Series 0526, Grade 5/7

Working with small businesses, exempt organizations, government entities and other clients with complex tax issues, you’ll investigate liability issues, conduct financial condition analyses, advise and audit taxpayers. Your knowledge of special features or varied issues that require the application of certain tax laws and investigative techniques set your work apart.

More information about Tax Compliance Officers
Your talents, skills and experience could be a good fit for a future as a Contact Representative, Series 0962, Grade 4/5/6/7

As the face of the IRS to many citizens, you’ll work directly with taxpayers in person and on the telephone to provide procedural and technical advice and explanations related to some basic issues, such as individual and employment tax returns, related schedules and inquiries about bills and notices. With the support of your supervisors, you’ll work to interview and resolve issues, and elevate more complex problems to other departments.

More information about Contact Representatives
Your talents, skills and experience could be a good fit for a future as an Internal Revenue Officer, Series 1169, Grade 5/7

You will work directly with delinquent taxpayers, in their homes, places of business or offices to counsel them on obligations, provide guidance on a wide range of financial problems and assist them toward a positive course of action. You will become familiar with the client, observing indications of hardship or business failure, and assessing their ability to pay outstanding taxes. Your goal is to resolve all delinquencies with a clear course of action. In some cases, when appropriate, you will conduct investigations and take enforced collection actions.

More information about Internal Revenue Officers
Your talents, skills and experience could be a good fit for a future as a Criminal Investigation Special Agent, Series 1811, Grade 5/7/9

As an IRS CI Special Agent, you will combine your accounting skills with law enforcement skills to investigate financial crimes. Special Agents are duly sworn law enforcement officers who are trained to ‘follow the money.’ No matter what the source, all income earned, both legal and illegal, has the potential of becoming involved in crimes which fall within the investigative jurisdiction of the IRS Criminal Investigation. Because of the expertise required to conduct these complex financial investigations, IRS Special Agents are considered the premier financial investigators for the Federal Government.

More information about Criminal Investigation Special Agents

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