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Join the team that’s right for you.

Your individual contributions can gain new purpose for your nation in many different ways at the IRS. In addition to a wide range of career opportunities and job titles, our professionals work in distinct divisions and principal offices to meet the needs of different types of taxpayers. Each division has its own focus while carrying out the strategic goals of the IRS overall. The work you’ll do with the IRS strengthens America, no matter where you apply your talents within our organization.


Group portrait of five professionals, each displaying a confident smile, dressed in smart business attire against a gray backdrop. The image reflects a dynamic and collaborative team, showcasing unity and professionalism in the workplace

Chief Counsel

Three business professionals engaged in a serious conversation in a spacious, modern corporate hallway. The image features a woman and two men, all dressed in business attire, with one man explaining a point to the group, illustrating a collaborative business meeting.

Criminal Investigation

Dynamic business meeting with a group of focused professionals, including two smiling men actively engaging in the discussion, set in a bright and modern office environment.

Information Technology

Confident young professional standing in the foreground, with a blurred backdrop of colleagues in a modern office atrium. The focus on the man, who is smiling and dressed in casual work attire, highlights his role in a dynamic work environment

Large Business & International

Confident group of three professionals standing in a modern office environment, each with a friendly smile. They are dressed in business attire, presenting a strong, united team ready to tackle their next business challenge


Business presentation in a sunlit office, featuring a professional gesturing during a discussion with three attentive colleagues, illustrating a dynamic and engaging team meeting

Privacy, Governmental Liaison and Disclosure

Lively team meeting with three professionals around a table, each showing expressions of enjoyment and engagement. The setting is casual yet energetic, indicating a collaborative and creative work environment.

Research, Applied Analytics, and Statistics

Dynamic office scene with a woman leading a discussion, confidently addressing her colleagues who are attentively listening. The environment is bustling with various workstations in the background, illustrating a vibrant and collaborative workspace

Small Business/Self-Employed

Busy workshop scene in a bright room with large windows, showing diverse participants engaged in various activities: some listen intently at a roundtable discussion, while others converse by the windows, emphasizing a dynamic learning or collaborative environment.

Tax Exempt & Government Entities

Intense team discussion at a business meeting, featuring four professionals focused on reviewing a document together. The scene captures a moment of collaboration, with each member contributing to the dialogue in a well-lit, modern office setting.

Taxpayer Advocate

Engaging business meeting with a man smiling joyfully as he discusses ideas with colleagues, set in a vibrant office environment. The image captures a moment of positive interaction, emphasizing teamwork and communication in a professional setting

Other Business Divisions

Three professionals engaged in a lively discussion while looking at a tablet, in a light-filled office corridor. The image reflects a moment of collaboration and idea sharing among a focused and dynamic team