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Grow your knowledge by helping to shape our future.

The IRS benefits from a diverse workforce that includes students and recent graduates, who infuse the workplace with their enthusiasm, talents, and unique perspectives.

The Pathways Program provides internship and long-term career development opportunities to student and recent graduates engaged in various fields of study. The Pathways Program provides opportunities to work and develop career-oriented skills in Information Technology, Auditing (Revenue Agents), Investigators (Criminal Investigations & Revenue Officers), Leadership and Management, Clerical, and more!

Internship Program

This program is available to students enrolled in a wide variety of educational institutions, with full-time and part-time paid opportunities to work and explore Federal careers while still in school. Interns may be appointed to 1) positions that align with students’ academic career goals or field of study and are expected to last until participants complete their academic program requirements, with eligibility to convert to permanent positions in the competitive service upon successful completion of program; OR Interns may be appointed to 2) temporary positions expected to last less than a year, for purely temporary work (no eligibility to convert to the competitive service).

Recent Graduates Program

This one-year program is available to individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs. Successful applicants are placed in a dynamic, developmental program with the potential to lead to a civil service career in the Federal Government. To be eligible for the program, applicants must apply within two years of degree or certificate completion. (This period is extended for veterans precluded from doing so due to a military service obligation). Program benefits include:

  • Comprehensive training and career development opportunities
  • Potential for conversion to permanent positions upon successful completion of program

Click here to view the IRS Pathways Recent Graduate Positons currently being offered

Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program

This program is designed to attract outstanding men and women to the Federal service from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, excellence in the leadership and management of public policies and programs. This two-year leadership development program is available to highly qualified candidates who have completed an advanced degree (masters or professional degree) within the last two years, or who will meet advanced degree requirements by August 31st of the year following the annual application announcement. Program benefits include:

  • Comprehensive training and career development opportunities
  • Senior-level mentorship
  • Individualized professional development plans
  • Potential for conversion to permanent positions upon successful completion of program

Student Volunteer Program (SVP)

The Student Volunteer Program is designed to offer unpaid training opportunities to students in high school and college. These opportunities provide work experience related to their academic program. The program allows students to explore career options as well as develop personal and professional skills. A written agreement between the school, Departmental Offices and the student is required. Most opportunities are posted on