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Your Nation Still Needs You

We consider your service to America one of your most admirable qualities. Now, your prior military experience could qualify you to continue to serve your nation here at the IRS. With more than 100,000 employees, we have a wide variety of career opportunities for qualified applicants like you throughout the United States. So we’d like to encourage you to explore everything we have to offer — not just our careers, but also our benefits and work/life balance programs.

Our Mission

The IRS Veterans Employment Program Office is designed to provide quality training and work experience to wounded warriors and veterans by offering various non-paid internship opportunities within the IRS as well as help veterans who qualify for one or more of the three special hiring authorities to become gainfully employed within the IRS.

Veterans' Preference

Veterans' preference gives special consideration to eligible disabled Veterans in Federal employment. Veterans who are disabled, or who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during certain specified time periods or in military campaigns, are entitled to preference over non-Veterans. If a numerical rating scheme is used to evaluate applications for employment, ten points are added to the overall score. If a quality factor rating scheme is used, such as best qualified, highly qualified, and qualified, the disabled Veteran is placed at the top of the quality group. Veterans with a 30 percent compensable disability are placed at the top of the best qualified group. Preference points may also be added for the spouse of a disabled Veteran, widow/widowers of deceased Veterans, and the mother of a deceased Veteran.

Veteran Internship Program

The IRS Veterans Employment Program Office manages the umbrella program which includes the following non-paid internship opportunities to transitioning service members and veterans:

  • Warrior Intern Program is a component of Operation Warfighter
  • Non-Paid Work Experience Program
  • Non-Paid Student Veteran Intern Program

Through these programs, the IRS is providing training and work experience to those who have served our country and are now returning to the civilian workforce. Although employment upon completion of the program is not required, we will work to assist all participants in developing their resumes, better understanding the federal hiring process and ultimately assist with the search for employment within the IRS or another federal agency.

Interns will not be guaranteed acceptance, enrollment, or completion of the program; nor are there any, verbal, written, or implied agreement to employ a intern after the completion of the program. The veteran employment programs are strictly voluntary and non-paid.

Warrior Intern Program

A Component of Operation Warfighter


The purpose of the WIP is to provide meaningful work experience to Warriors accepted into the program over the course of a four to six month internship. Participants in this program are on active duty and assigned to a transition unit within the Department of Defense. Those assigned to these transition units are wounded, ill or injured service members currently undergoing medical treatment, in recovery or in the process of transitioning from active duty.


To participate in the Operation Warfighter program, a service member must be assigned to a transition unit participating in the program. Individual eligibility requirements are determined by each branch of service. Candidates who are referred to the WIP program from the OWF coordinator are pre-screened and deemed eligible for participation.

Types of Positions

Each business unit will identify positions based on location and needs of the Service. Business units are reminded that this program is designed to offer meaningful work experiences to qualified wounded, ill and injured service members. Skills and abilities should be taken into account when assigning a Warrior to a position.

Non-Paid Work Experience Program


The purpose of the NPWE program is to provide meaningful work experience to veterans participating in the Department of Veterans Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program. Participants in this program are no longer on active duty; however, they are paid a small subsistence allowance while working (non-paid) with a federal agency. The NPWE program is typically authorized by the VA in 90-day intervals; however, the program may be authorized up to 18 months.


Veterans are eligible for the program if they:

  • Have received, or will receive, a discharge that is other than dishonorable
  • Have a service-connected disability rating of at least 10%, or a memorandum rating of 20% or more from the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment VetSuccess services

Veterans participating in the program can fill a variety of positions within the IRS. The responsibilities should provide the veterans with useful skills and knowledge that will contribute to their overall desire to obtain permanent federal employment.

Non-Paid Student Veteran Intern Program


The purpose of the SVIP program is to provide work experience to veterans who are currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. This non-paid program allows veterans to obtain skills to supplement their military experience and college courses which will assist them with their job search upon graduating.

This program is designed to offer student veterans the opportunity to gain personal and professional experience by volunteering in this program. Typically, the program will last between three and four months.

The Veterans Employment Office is currently in discussion with various student organizations and schools. Finalized Memorandums of Understanding will be published when completed.


Student veterans are eligible to participate as a Student Volunteer if they are enrolled, at least half-time, in:

  • accredited high school or trade school
  • technical or vocational school
  • junior or community college
  • four-year college or university
  • any other accredited educational institution

Types of Positions

Student veterans may be involved in professional projects and work activities related to their academic studies. These activities may range from developing computer skills to policy or research oriented projects involving diverse topics.

Special Hiring Authorities for Veterans

  • Veterans' Recruitment Appointment
  • Veterans Employment Opportunity Act
  • 30% or More Disabled Veteran
  • Disabled Veterans Enrolled in a VA Training Program
  • Schedule A Appointing Authority
  • Veterans Opportunity to Work to Hire Heroes Act

For detailed information about each of these hiring authorities, please visit

The VA Veteran Employment Center (VEC) provides dynamic, easy-to-use tools to translate your military experience into marketable skills, take self-assessments, create civilian resumes and search for jobs.

Get started with VA for Vets today. Here is how:

  • Visit the VA for Vets website
  • Go to the Career Center page.
  • Select the 'Get Started' button.
  • Choose the Resume Builder option.
  • Create your resume in the system.
  • Be sure to identify yourself as a Preference Eligible Veteran, if applicable.
  • Next, select the option to 'Upload the resume to the Veterans'.
  • Resume Database for VA recruiters to find you.

In order for us to best serve you, please submit the following documents if applicable: your resume, transcripts, DD-214, VA Letter, and SF-15. Please review these documents to ensure they are accurate and complete; then e-mail or fax all required documentation to the Veteran Employment Program Office.

Providing the VEPO with documentation does not guarantee a position with the IRS and should not be considered a job offer. Click here for required documentation.

Contact the Veterans Program Office

Phone: (202) 317-3505

Military Leave

IRS employees who serve in the National Guard or Reserves for either active duty or training will receive military leave benefits. Your type of deployment will determine how much leave you can accrue.

For more information, you can visit the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Web site, which includes an area dedicated to Veterans Employment Information.

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