An entry-level position that opens possibilities. It's true. You can enter the IRS as a Tax Law Specialist. Once you do, a world of training and skills development will present itself to you, as well as career progression and professional options. In fact, many members of our leadership and executive teams first began their IRS career as a Tax Law Specialist. Tax Law Specialists have GS-5/7/9/11 career ladders - which means they can enter as a grade 5 and advance to a grade 11 without further competition, and later compete for higher grades.

As a Specialist, you'll leverage the latest in mini and micro computers, telecommunications and data management systems. You'll be a proactive decision-maker working with customers, businesses and the legal and financial communities.

You'll display an impeccable knowledge of changing tax and pension laws as well as various types of businesses and industries. You will interface with taxpayers; CPAs; pension attorneys; actuaries and more. You will educate, assist, counsel, analyze- and more.

General requirements include US citizenship, plus a four-year degree or legal or tax accounting experience that required knowledge of federal tax laws and regulations. You could also be eligible for higher grades if you possess a JD or LLM.

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