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The Office of Chief Counsel employs over 1,800 attorneys. You can contact one of our many CC Ambassadors who graduated from your law school, who works in a specific city, or who works in an operating division that interests you. Please refer to the link for CC Ambassadors on the main homepage. Below are testimonials from a few of our attorneys.

Dan, Trial Attorney

Meet Dan, Trial Attorney

I joined the IRS Office of Chief Counsel through the Honors Program. I decided to start my legal career at the IRS Office of Chief Counsel because of the immediate autonomy and responsibility I get in handling my own case load with national implications.

Nick, Trial Attorney

Meet Nick, Trial Attorney

After serving in the military and completing law school, I joined a law firm. But, I wanted a more fulfilling legal experience. And, working at Chief Counsel has provided me with not only incredible legal challenges, but the feeling that I’m part of a team that makes a difference to better our nation every day.

Lesley, Trial Attorney

Meet Lesley, Trial Attorney

Over my legal career, I have worked in both the public and private sectors. In addition to the opportunity to litigate exciting and challenging cases, the comradery and collegiality I have experienced at the Office of Chief Counsel is unparalleled.

Victoria, Trial Attorney

Meet Victoria, Trial Attorney

Being an attorney at Counsel is one of the best opportunities for new attorneys straight out of law school, since attorneys are given significant responsibility so early on.

Chardea, Trial Attorney

Meet Chardea, Trial Attorney

Post law school, I wanted a fulfilling career with an employer that would refine my legal skills, challenge me daily, and allow me to work at the forefront of complex legal issues. The Office of Chief Counsel not only checked every box on my list, but also exceeded my expectations!

Jim, Senior Counsel

Meet Jim, Senior Counsel

After working at both a large CPA firm and two law firms, I joined the Office of Chief Counsel in 1985. Although I have been eligible to retire for over five years, I continue to enjoy the privilege and challenge of serving the public by representing the Internal Revenue Service in difficult Tax Court cases with the goal of arriving at the taxpayer's correct tax liability in every case.

Gary, Senior Attorney

Meet Gary, Senior Attorney

I joined the National Office through the Honors Program, later spent seven years with a Big Four accounting firm, then rejoined Counsel in a field office. Counsel provides an unmatched range of legal work, from developing technical guidance, to advising examiners and Appeals officers, to litigating cases in Tax Court and advising the Department of Justice on refund litigation.

Bethany, Trial Attorney

Meet Bethany, Trial Attorney

Chief Counsel’s Office has provided me with a rewarding purpose and work-life balance. As a new hire through the Honors Program, I was given my own case load to independently manage right away, collaborating with a group of dedicated attorneys with over 100 years of experience combined.

David, Special Trial Attorney

Meet David, Special Trial Attorney

I joined Chief Counsel in 2002 to work on significant, complex litigation, and have stayed because there are ample opportunities for it here. I worked at a large accounting firm before law school, and a large law firm during and after, and I can say that the collegiality of my co-counsel and support staff in this office are second to none.

Casey, Trial Attorney

Meet Casey, Trial Attorney

After interning with the office, I joined Chief Counsel because I wanted my work to be meaningful and interesting. I've stayed with Chief Counsel because it's fulfilling to be on the right side of the law--not just what's best for the client.

Nicole, Trial Attorney

Meet Nicole, Trial Attorney

I worked in the private sector for years before attending law school. After graduating, I joined the IRS Office of Chief Counsel through the Honors Program. With the collegiality I experience daily, I was able to immediately handle a range of legal responsibilities. The Office of Chief Counsel has provided me with both a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Lauren, Trial Attorney

Meet Lauren, Trial Attorney

I first joined the Office of Chief Counsel as an Honors hire—where I enjoyed the most fulfilling career and best quality of life for over one decade. I briefly departed Chief Counsel and explored various opportunities in the private sector. I, however, missed my fantastic colleagues, the challenging work, and the great benefits at Chief Counsel. Three years after my initial departure—I was given the distinct honor of rejoining Chief Counsel, where I plan to finish my rewarding career.

Camille, General Attorney

Meet Camille, General Attorney

After law school I first worked at a small law firm while working on my LLM in taxation, then at a Big Four accounting firm, and then as a law clerk at the U.S. Tax Court before joining the IRS Office of Chief Counsel. My job as an attorney in the National Office provides a unique experience where I get to serve the public and work on a variety of guidance, advisory, litigation, and other cases with national implications. Counsel also encourages volunteer work, and along with some of my co-workers I volunteer with VITA as a tax preparer and reviewer.

Deborah, Special Counsel

Meet Deborah, Special Counsel

I joined the Office of Chief Counsel as a Special Counsel in Procedure and Administration after having litigated and supervised tax appeals at another agency. The National Office offers experienced attorneys the opportunity to make a difference in significant and emerging tax issues as part of a terrific team committed to sound tax administration.

Jonathan, Attorney

Meet Jonathan, Attorney

I am a military reservist. So, after law school, I wanted a job that offered me challenging assignments and professional growth immediately while still allowing me to advance in my military career. I joined Chief Counsel in the National Office through the Honors Program, and it has been a great fit. I get to work every day with a team of dedicated public servants advising on complex and emerging legal issues while continuing to serve as a reservist.

Mary, Attorney

Meet Mary, Attorney

I joined the Office of Chief Counsel through the Honors Program. As a new attorney, I have been encouraged to ask questions and learn from my experienced colleagues and reviewers. I enjoy the challenge of working on complex legal issues, as well as seeing firsthand the regulatory process.