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The Chief Counsel Summer Legal Program (Candidates Start in Summer 2025)

The IRS Office of Chief Counsel’s Summer Legal Program provides exposure to the Office by enabling law students to work under the supervision, and with the assistance of, experienced tax lawyers. The training and work experience provide developmental assignments and helps prepare law students for a career as a tax lawyer and gives them an excellent view of what the practice of law is like at the Office of Chief Counsel. In the National Office, law students typically take part in a variety of educational and social events. It is anticipated students will work for us the full summer. The target start date for this position is summer 2025. This program has been established in accordance with 5 CFR 213.3102(r). Compensation for this position is at the GS-9, Step 1 level. Offers of full-time employment with our Honors Program may be made to law students at the conclusion of the Summer Legal Program.

Eligibility for the Summer Legal Program

Current law students who have completed at least one full year of legal study by the application deadline are eligible to apply (part-time law students must be currently attending law school and have completed the equivalent of one year of full-time study by the application deadline). Most applicants participate the summer between their second and third year of law school; however, graduating law students who enter a judicial clerkship or tax or accounting-related graduate program (including a Tax LL.M. program) may participate the summer following graduation prior to the start of the judicial clerkship or graduate program. If you are applying for but have not yet accepted a judicial clerkship or been accepted into a tax or accounting-related graduate program, you should consider applying to both the Honors Program and Summer Legal Program. Applicants must be available to accept full-time post-JD employment by September 30, 2026 to be eligible. Minimum eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • For JDs: Top 25% class rank or minimum GPA of 3.35 is required (if the school does not provide class rank or GPA at the time a selection is made, a minimum LSAT of 160 is required)
  • Must attend an ABA accredited law school; and
  • Must be a U.S. citizen

Attributes of an Ideal Candidate

  • Special high-level recognition for academic excellence in law school, such as selection to Order of the Coif or receipt of the American Jurisprudence Award in related courses; or top grades in tax or related course work (e.g., “A” grades in tax courses);
  • Evidence of background or experience in the position to be filled, such as taking relevant law school classes (e.g., tax law, bankruptcy/debtor creditor law, administrative law) or relevant legal or tax experience (e.g., tax legal experience) or relevant tax volunteer experience (e.g., VITA, Tax Clinic);
  • Work or achievement in the law school’s law review or other recognized law journal;
  • Winning a moot court or mock trial competition or membership on a moot court or mock trial team

When Summer Legal Program positions become available, they can be viewed here.

Additional information on applying for these positions is available here.