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Help us maintain the public trust by providing education on voluntary compliance.

Tax collection and enforcement is a vital part of the IRS. We have opportunities for individuals interested in applying their analytical and investigative skills to educate customers on meeting their tax responsibilities while enforcing the tax laws. If you do join us you won’t be disappointed with the many benefits we offer, the opportunities for advancement, or the dedicated professionals that you will meet and work with.

Revenue Officers

As a Revenue Officer, you will conduct tax related civil enforcement investigations, and will be trained in tax law, collection, and civil investigative techniques, to collect delinquent taxes and tax returns. Most of your work is in the field, where you will interact with taxpayers, taxpayer representatives, and third parties at their residences and/or places of business. You will protect taxpayers’ rights, counsel taxpayers on their obligations, and determine how to resolve tax delinquencies. Check for available Revenue Officer positions here, and remember to filter for the location you are interested in.

Tax Specialists

As a Tax Specialist (Tax Compliance Officer), you will examine financial records of individuals and businesses to determine the proper taxes have been assessed. You will provide educational assistance to taxpayers regarding tax laws and tax-related accounting. You will regularly work with taxpayers, their representatives, certified public accountants, and tax attorneys. Check for available Tax Specialist positions here, and remember to filter for the location you are interested in.