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We offer meaningful work with real impact.

The Tax Exempt & Government Entities division encompasses employee plans, exempt organizations, and government entities, whose duties are previewed below. Our customers include small local community organizations, charities, major universities, large pension funds, small business retirement plans, local and state governments, participants in complex tax-exempt bond transactions, and Indian tribal governments and tribal associations.

Employee Plans

  • Enforces customer compliance with retirement plan laws.
  • Provides educational tools to plan sponsors, participants, and practitioners to better understand and comply with the retirement plan laws.
  • Works with plan sponsors to correct problems and ensure that they provide the correct benefits to their employees and preserve their plan’s tax-favored benefits.

Exempt Organizations

  • Ensures that organizations comply with the tax laws, identifies areas of noncompliance and recommends strategies for corrective action.
  • Ensures not-for-profit organizations meet tax-exempt status requirements.
  • Reviews and approves applications for tax exemption and collaborates on technical guidance.
  • Provides education and outreach programs to proactively help exempt organizations better understand their tax responsibilities.

Government Entities

  • Conducts compliance examinations and administers voluntary compliance programs.
  • Assists with the federal tax administration of over 104,000 employers of federal government, state, county, city, town and local, and quasi-governmental entities. These entities employ 20% of the American workforce.
  • Maintains a relationship between IRS and Indian tribal governments by assisting with federal taxation issues related to gaming, and other tax issues involving Indian tribes.
  • Helps members of the tax-exempt bond community better understand their tax responsibilities. Implements new legislation, regulations, or other guidance affecting the municipal bond market.

Career Opportunities

TE/GE has job opportunities nationwide and is organized into three segments: Employee Plans, Exempt Organizations, and Government Entities. Below are the positions we frequently hire:

Actuary – Job Series 1510

As an Actuary, you will work on complex Federal income tax examinations, projects, studies, and proposals. You will serve as an actuarial expert and advisor for examination personnel, appeals officers, and IRS legal counsel over a large geographical/regional area.

Administrative Associate – Job Series 0303

As a Shared Administrative Associate, you will provide administrative, clerical, and case processing support to managers and technical employees. Your responsibilities will include planning, organizing, and carrying out a variety of administrative and clerical activities.

Management & Program Analyst – Job Series 0343

As a Management and Program Analyst, you will be responsible for accomplishing major analytical studies and projects relating to substantive, mission-oriented programs. Studies and projects may involve development of policy and operational objectives, complex programs, systems, or issues having broad impact on IRS operations.

Revenue Agent – Job Series 0512

As a Revenue Agent, you will be responsible for planning and conducting examinations of individuals and businesses to determine Federal tax liability. These examinations are generally conducted at the taxpayer’s residence and/or place of business.

Tax Examiner – Job Series 0592

As a Tax Examiner, you will respond to taxpayer correspondence and other inquiries regarding a variety of tax returns, related schedules, and other documentation. You will analyze and resolve tax processing problems, adjust taxpayer accounts, prepare and issue manual refunds, perform credit transfers, and compute tax, penalty, and interest.