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Entry-Level Information Technology (IT) Specialist Positions
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IT Specialist (Job Series 2210) -- Grades 5 / 7 / 9

IRS fills more Information Technology (IT) Specialist (series 2210) positions than any other jobs in MITS because they're so vital to our mission. The GS-grade/pay levels available would depend on your qualifications. Promotion potential exists to the grade GS-11 or GS-12 depending on the IT specialty area. As an IT Specialist, you'll learn and apply transferable technology skills in one of these:

Specialty Areas 

Applications Software
As an IT Specialist in Applications Software, you'll translate business requirements and technical specifications into programming specifications. You'll code, test, debug and maintain software programs, and develop and customize applications software.

Customer Support
In Customer Support, you'll resolve complex problems for internal customers and give them technical guidance in applying hardware and software systems. Learn to provide such services as installation, configuration, troubleshooting and customer training.

Data Management
In Data Management, you'll develop and implement major systems to ensure the efficient acquisition, storage and retrieval of data. This will involve learning and applying new approaches to data mining, data warehousing and other data management applications.

In the Internet specialty area, you'll work on complicated new issues that involve planning, design, development, testing, integration and deployment of Web-based applications that interface with existing hardware and software.

Network Services
In Network Services, you'll design, develop, test and implement networked systems used for transmitting information in voice, data or video formats. Network maintenance will include both software and hardware (servers, hubs, bridges, switches and routers).

Operating Systems
In Operating Systems, you'll install, configure and maintain large operating systems, including system servers and operating system software. You'll also resolve complex issues involving systems integration, hardware strategy and disaster recovery.

Policy and Planning
IT Specialists in Policy and Planning are generally mid-career professionals with considerable IT work experience. You'll perform strategic planning, investment analysis and control, workforce planning and the development of project evaluation standards.

In Security, you'll plan and implement procedures to protect data and ensure network security. Review and analyze proposed new systems, networks and software for security risks, recommend countermeasures and resolve new system integration issues.

Systems Administration
IT Specialists in Systems Administration plan and coordinate systems administration services. This includes installation and control of software, system configuration, recovery of failed systems and maintenance of hardware and software.

Systems Analysis
In Systems Analysis, you'll analyze the design and implementation of new information systems for internal customers. You'll also consult with them to help refine and translate their functional requirements into programming specifications, as well as test, debug and maintain software programs.

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