There are a few things you should know before you begin the IRS application process. The first is that most of our positions require specific education and skills. So you need to make sure you have the qualifications to do the job before you take the next step. Also, we understand that there may be several opportunities you'd like to apply for, and that's perfectly fine with us. Just keep in mind that you'll have to complete separate forms for each one of them.

Next, you will need to provide proof of your US citizenship. You’ll also have to successfully pass a fingerprint check and a tax compliance check of prior years. Additionally, most of our positions involve an interview, and some require testing and a background check. The details on whether or not your chosen position requires those components can be found on its related job vacancy announcement on our careers page.

Our Recruiters Look Forward to Meeting You

As an important part of the IRS application process, we’d like to encourage you to meet with a Recruiter at one of our events. We’re always creating new programs and opportunities to assist you, so it could be your best way to stay current on all we have to offer. In fact, if you’re a high school student, discussing your plans and ambitions with a Recruiter will help you discover why they built their career at IRS and what skills and background they’re looking for at the event. Please note, if you’re a college senior, we suggest you wait to apply at the start of your fall semester.

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Vacancy Announcement Help

Don’t Let Our Vacancy Announcements Confuse You

We know that federal position descriptions may seem a bit bewildering if you aren't used to reading vacancy announcements. But they’re surprisingly easy to understand if you know how to interpret the terminology. So just read below to get a better understanding of what you need to know and do to apply for an IRS career.

  • Vacancy Announcement Number – Each federal job opening receives its own ID number, known as a vacancy announcement number. You must reference it on all of the materials you submit with your application.
  • Opening Date – This is the date when the vacancy announcement is initially opened to begin receiving applications from candidates.
  • Closing Date – This is the final date that applications may be submitted for consideration for an available position. Your application must be postmarked or received by this date.
  • Position – This is the specific title of the job vacancy that is being announced.
  • Series & Grade – The pay plan designated for a job vacancy is represented by a series number and grade level.
  • Promotion Potential – If a vacant position offers the potential for promotion, it will be noted in this area, along with a description of the full performance level for the position.
  • Salary – This figure describes the salary range for the position. View a complete list of salary ranges.
  • Duty Location – This is where the position is geographically located.
  • Who May Apply – A simple description of who will be considered eligible for the position is noted here, for example: "Federal Civil Service Employees" or "Public."
  • Major Duties – The duties and responsibilities of the position will be detailed here.
  • Qualifications Required – The basic knowledge, skills and abilities you must have to qualify for a position, such as similar experience or a related educational background, are stated here.
  • How You Will Be Evaluated – The details about how you will be evaluated for the position — whether you will be ranked on your knowledge, skills and abilities, or other characteristics — will appear here.
  • How to Apply – All of the materials you must submit with your application will be listed here. Before you apply, you should review our hiring process.

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