At the IRS, we have a variety of opportunities for all kinds of professionals, paraprofessionals, and administrative workers — plus seasonal jobs in many cities across the US. Here are our most popular: Appeals Officer (Job Series 0930) Artificial Intelligence Analyst Attorney (Job Series 0905) Computer Research Analyst (Job Series 0301) Computer Specialist/Information Technology Specialist (Job Series 2210) Contact Representative (Job Series 0962) Engineer (Job Series 0801) Human Resources Specialist (Job Series 0201) Internal Revenue Agent (Job Series 0512) Internal Revenue Officer (Job Series 1169) Mathematical Statistician (Job Series 1529) Operations Research Analyst (Job Series 1515) Policy Analyst (Job Series 0301 & 0343) Program Analyst (Job Series 0343) Program Evaluation and Risk Analyst (Job Series 0301) Special Agent (Job Series 1811) Statistician (Job Series 1530) Tax Compliance Officer (Job Series 0526) Tax Examiner (Job Series 0592) Tax Law Specialist (Job Series 0987) Tax Specialist (Job Series 0526) Executive Officer (Job Series 0301)


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