Application Procedures

You may receive email notification of our Internal Revenue Agent openings by becoming a registered user at Application Process. Even if you do not wish to register at this time, you may review a list of our current openings. When you do register, you will be able to apply online.

Assessment Process

As an entry-level applicant for GS-5 through GS-9, you will be required to go through an assessment process. Initially, you'll be asked to complete a questionnaire designed to assess your educational background and work history as related to the competencies required for the Internal Revenue Agent position. Your qualifying experience, education and professional certification will be assigned to one of three quality levels: Superior, Highly Qualified or Qualified. Experience and/or education that ranks in the highest quality level is considered Superior experience.

Those ranked in the Superior category will be contacted first (followed by applicants in the Highly Qualified category and then applicants in the Qualified category). For example, as a Superior category rated applicant, you'll be invited to participate in a two-part assessment process and a manager interview. The assessment process consists of a written simulation measuring knowledge of accounting (basic, intermediate, advanced, cost, auditing) and a telephone simulation measuring general competencies (problem solving, interpersonal skills, self-management, decision-making, oral communications). A brief interview with a management official will follow the assessment.

After the assessment, you will be notified of your final rating determination. Selection decisions will be based on your total background, test performance and the results of the selection interview. Offers will be made in ranking order, contingent on locations available.

Additional Information About Employment

Applicants who indicate a background that is unsuitable for employment will not be considered. Examples include employment discharge for cause, a conviction for an offense that indicates a lack of integrity or respect for law enforcement, and failure to pay federal debt where there are no extenuating circumstances. You will also be required to provide the following information or authorization upon request:

Tax Verification

Provide authorization to review past federal income tax filing records.

Background Investigation

Provide information requested to complete a thorough background investigation, including fingerprint check.

Selective Service Registration

All male applicants born after December 31, 1959 will be required to complete a pre-employment statement of Selective Service registration prior to employment.

US Citizenship

Provide proof of US citizenship as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-103, dated 11/6/86).

Bilingual Positions

Some Internal Revenue Agents work in locations where they are required to communicate effectively in a language other than English. From time to time, the IRS recruits employees with bilingual skills. If you speak, comprehend, read and write in one or more language in addition to English, you may wish to be considered for one of our bilingual positions. To be considered, you must carefully answer the question about language ability on Form A. A language assessment will be required to measure your degree of competency (i.e., reading, writing and conversation).

Veteran's Preference

If you served on active duty in the United States military and were separated under honorable conditions, you may be eligible for veteran's preference. All veterans are required to provide a copy of their DD214. A Standard Form 15 is required at the time you apply along with required documentation indicated on SF15 if you are claiming 10 points.Click here for more information.

The IRS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants are assured of equal consideration regardless of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, lawful political affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, membership or non-membership in an employee organization, or non-disqualifying physical or mental disability.

The IRS is committed to ensuring that all employees perform in a manner warranting the highest degree of public confidence and demonstrate the highest level of ethics and integrity.

US citizenship is required.

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