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About Large Business & International (LB&I) Division

LB&I is responsible for tax administration activities for domestic and foreign businesses (corporations, partnerships, and S corporations) with a United States tax reporting requirement and assets equal to or exceeding $10 million, as well as the Global High Wealth program focused on the wealthiest individual taxpayers. LB&I administers the International Individual Compliance program, which is responsible for U.S. citizens living/working abroad in a U.S. Territory, U.S. citizens/resident aliens who hold income producing assets in a foreign country or claim the foreign earned income exclusion or foreign tax credit, and permanent residents/non-resident aliens who have a U.S. filing requirement. In addition, LB&I interacts with treaty partners in exchanging information and Mutual Agreement Procedure cases under U.S. tax treaties and participates in special international cooperation projects. LB&I is responsible for tax administration activities associated with large business taxpayers’ international and transfer pricing issues.


Our Revenue Agent Positions

As a Revenue Agent, you will serve as a technical expert and provide advice that may impact tax compliance strategy and the examination program across the Agency. You will be a proactive decision-maker, working with customers, businesses, CFOs, CEOs, and the legal and financial communities on cases typically concerning large, complex businesses, including those with extensive subsidiaries, diversified activities, multiple partners and national and international scope of operations.Revenue Agents directly impact the tax administration process within a variety of specialty/practice areas. Below we have included a list of those areas within the Large Business & International Division.


Our Specialty/Practice Areas

Assistant Deputy Commissioner Compliance Integration (ADCCI)

As a Revenue Agent serving in a Senior Program Specialist or Analyst role in LB&I’s Compliance Integration function, you will apply your tax and accounting expertise and analytical skills in leading, developing or administering programs with division wide or Servicewide impact. Program responsibilities range from development and delivery of workload to the field, supporting emerging issues, monitoring portfolio management workstreams, reviewing and drafting policy, or coordinating compliance programs and activities.

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) program has the unique role of maintaining compliance with the BSA within financial industries including money service businesses, and industries identified by the USA PATRIOT Act as vulnerable avenues for terrorist financing and money laundering. Areas of focus may include Title 31 examinations including casinos and money services businesses and Form 8300 examinations including retailers of motor vehicles, jewelers, and precious metals.

Computer Audit Specialist (CAS)

As a Computer Audit Specialist (CAS) Revenue Agent, you will be trained in specialized skills to audit and analyze complex accounting systems and recommend effective means of obtaining audit data to support audit teams. You will also provide analyses of large volumes of data, independently design applications and statistical samples, and continually search for innovative ways to use computer-assisted audit techniques. As a CAS, you will become the Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding electronic data and statistical sampling techniques for both civil and criminal engagements.

Cross Border Activities (CBA)

As a Revenue Agent in Cross Border Activities (CBA), you will be responsible for planning and conducting examinations using knowledge of the U.S. tax laws pertaining to international issues. You will use accounting and audit techniques to examine and resolve international tax issues of business organizations that may include extensive subsidiaries with operations of international scope and collaborate with fellow Revenue Agents, Counsel, Appeals, as well as other specialists to leverage and expand complex issue expertise and ensure consistent application and interpretation of U.S. international tax law.

As a Practice Network Revenue Agent in CBA, you will be the technical specialist or subject matter expert for a specific area of business international tax. Your responsibilities may include, among other items, the following: prepare and deliver training to agents within the IRS, create and update training material, audit tools and job aids, and assist field agents with their examinations. You may be assigned to special projects and assist management with implementation of strategic operating plans. You will collaborate with other parts of LB&I and the IRS, including Counsel.

Withholding Exchange & International Individual Compliance (WEIIC)

As a Revenue Agent in WEIIC specializing in international individual and business Federal tax compliance, you will be responsible for planning, directing and conducting audits while identifying filing activities and issues involving inbound and/or outbound transactions. You’ll be responsible for researching and implementing chapter 3 (nonresident) and chapter 4 (FATCA) withholding, reporting and compliance requirements applicable to foreign entities and foreign accounts. You’ll be responsible for researching relevant topic areas, gathering and analyzing data, presenting findings in a logical manner for various audiences.  You’ll also be responsible for developing complex legal and factual issues within the content of information reporting and tax withholding imposed under the relevant provisions of IRC Sections 1441 through 1446.

Pass Through Entities (PTE) 

As a Pass-Through Entities (PTE) Revenue Agent, you will be responsible for planning and conducting S Corporation and Partnership examinations, working as part of a team on complex pass-through entities tax law. We are committed to providing quality customer service on a variety of partnership taxation topics such as BBA, TEFRA & Large Partnership (ELP) procedures. Our team of specialists have nationwide responsibility for High Wealth tax audits, Tax Promoter cases, and the development of new tax campaigns.

Treaty and Transfer Pricing Operations

As a Revenue Agent specializing in transfer pricing, you will be responsible for planning and conducting examinations of complex transfer pricing issues. You will conduct functional analysis interviews, reconcile segmented financial statements, assist economists, and prepare narratives to support the government’s position.

Financial Products Specialist

As a Financial Products Examiner, you will work on the identification and development of complex domestic and international financial products and transactions.  This includes tax issues relating to financing, debt, securities, commodities, hedging, derivatives, structured transactions, foreign currency, mark-to-market, straddles, options, swaps, insurance, leasing, risk management, taxable and non-taxable transactions to determine compliance with tax laws. 


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